It’s Time to Say No to China

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In the words of Donald Trump, “The Chinese think our leaders are stupid.”

The United States of America is building a nation and creating prosperity. But it’s not our nation that we are building. As if we had money growing on trees over here, we are busy building Iraq, Afghanistan, and above all–China.

With a ridiculous trade deficit with China of over $270 billion dollars (that’s $270,000,000,000!), an amount that is unprecedented in the history of the world, the American people are funding one of the greatest increases in prosperity known in the history of the world.

If you were to walk in Wal-mart or most any department store, you would find that about 80% of the products sold have that very familiar label, “Made in China.” Most of the rest of the products were made somewhere else—maybe Taiwan, or Japan, or Mexico. American made products are becoming scarce.

The people of this country should know why they are standing in unemployment lines and the unemployment rate remains so stubbornly high. There are no jobs because there is not enough manufacturing and industry here to put America to work. The Chinese make it very difficult to open any businesses in their country while they pretty much get free reign here.

So what is the solution? America is now indebted to the Chinese because they have bought up 32% of our Treasury bonds. “The borrower is the slave to the lender” a wise man once wrote.

And a slave we are becoming. With a federal budget deficit of $1.26 Trillion (that’s $1, 260, 000, 000, 000! ), 1 out of 3 dollars the U.S. government spends on running this country is going to borrowed from someone else, mostly the Chinese. And we do have to pay all that money back to them one day… with interest. And this is only one year’s worth of debt…it is simply unsustainable!

Within 10-14 years, China is projected by experts to surpass the United States as the #1 economy in the world. How nice!? The Chinese become an economic superpower and they have us to thank for it. And they are Communists. And they are building a war machine with all that money, causing serious alarm among the military brass. Why would the Chinese see a need to produce “Carrier Killer” missiles unless they were planning to use them one day?

It’s time that we start buying American Made Products with that familiar label, “Made in the USA. This will put America to work again, increase the amount of tax dollars flowing into the federal budget, and thereby get us out of debt.

If Americans simply refuse to by Chinese made products, there is nothing that they can do about it. They can’t punish us with any trade war. They can’t accuse us before the UN or any other agency that our government is being unfair. If they threaten us, it will only cause Americans to focus even more on buying our own products. We need a grassroots campaign to stop the madness.

It’s time to say no to China!

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